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We reduce the task of

'searching and formatting data’

within companies by 90%.


May 21, 2024

- DYNATREK will be presenting a demo at Finovate Spring.

DYNATREK Demo May 22, 9:50am

September 13,2023

- JETRO, in collaboration with the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, has selected our company to participate in their domestic startup overseas expansion support program, "Global Startup Acceleration Program (GSAP)".

September 8,2023

- Seminar: FIT Osaka 2023: Conducted "Efficiency improvements and creation of additional business hours by the introduction of a new data utilization system at San ju San BANK".


Overview of the Product

Connect various databases, such as internal accounting systems, CRM, and subsystems for each channel, virtually to enable comparisons.

DYNATREK accelerates your digital transformation journey.


About Our Core Technology

We are pleased to introduce our "Virtual Database" technology, which we have been refining since its release in 1999.

Case Studies

DYNATREK has successfully executed numerous data utilization projects, bringing about new business transformations in the shortest time and at the least cost.
        Our company excels in successfully completing large-scale projects for government agencies, financial institutions, and major manufacturers in a short period.
          Notably, as of September 2021, we have a track record of implementations in 25 financial institutions. Approximately 40% of regional banks in Japan are utilizing our services.

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